Updated: Apr 5

Hey Fit Fam! With the 3rd lockdown upon us, we plan to peacefully, safely, and legally re-open to serve the members that need us.

In order to do this properly, we will be operating online only from April 3 - 12. This will give members time in order to obtain the documents required.

We have the resources available for you to continue coming to the gym without fear of fines or violations.

Towards the end of the last lockdown, a Kitchener gym called NorthX Fitness started a Go Fund Me to raise money for legal fees in order to fight gym closures. Sascha King who runs NorthX Fitness serves a large number of clients with disabilities. Upon seeing the decline of the mental and physical health of her members, she took her case to the Human Rights Tribunal and WON!

She has been sharing all of the legal documents that one would require to open their gym lawfully. We plan to carefully follow the amendments to the Emergency Order as they apply to gyms. Here’s how:

What is required is for you to have a doctor’s note, prescribing exercise to continue to attend the gym, and we need to have that on file. We will provide all the information you need to get this done.

We will have all supporting legal documents on file, including the doctor’s notes in a sealed envelope. We are not legally required to produce these documents to bylaw/enforcement officers as it is a violation of the Privacy Act.

We will not be accepting any new in-person members during the lockdown. We will not be posting any stories on social media.

Time slots will continue to be capped at 9 people and will appear on the schedule as “Open Gym”

Masks will still be required in common areas of the gym.

Do not come to the gym if you have been in close contact with a positive case if you are feeling unwell or someone in your household is ill.

If this is something that you don’t feel comfortable doing, let us know and your membership will be paused with no questions and we will continue to provide you with the programming and resources you need to be successful at home.

We feel that the most recent lockdown was detrimental to our member’s mental and physical health, as well as our own.

We feel confident in our ability to keep our gym clean and our members safe. Since re-opening after the first lockdown, we have seen well over 12,000 class check-ins and ZERO cases of illness. #gymsareessential