6 Homemade Energy Drinks and Bars

You need fuel to pull through your workouts.

When you workout, you're going to sweat and burn through fuel to keep your muscles pumping.

Losing fluids from sweating means losing electrolytes too.

When you're exercising for more than one hour, it's important that you drink something other than water.

People need many things to stay energized, including electrolytes and carbs. But there are a lot of commercial options like sports drinks or bars that have questionable ingredients.

While store-bought items have some undeniable convenience, there are many downsides. Typically they are loaded with sugar and the cost can be a real problem, too.

You don't have to settle for store-bought energy drinks and bars. Make your own with these simple recipes that require just a few ingredients you likely already have on hand.

Homemade Gatorade (All-Natural Sports Drink with Electrolytes)

This recipe has all the electrolytes from Gatorade but without the extra sugar or additives—and way cheaper. Get the Recipe

Homemade Lemon Sports Drink

With less than five ingredients, it doesn't get any easier than this simple sports drink that will quench your thirst and replenish lost electrolytes. Get the Recipe

Homemade Citrus Energy Drink

This homemade sports drink hits all the essentials—fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrates to keep you hydrated and energized for all your endurance activities. Get the Recipe

Three-Ingredient Cookie Bites

With just three simple ingredients and no added sugar, this cookie bite packs a powerful punch of nutrients and energy. Get the Recipe

Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oats Energy Bar

These gluten-free peanut butter and banana energy bars are made with steel cut oats for a nutrient-dense snack on the go. All you need to do is mix the ingredients and set the slow cooker to do all the work. Get the Recipe

The Essential Nut and Seed Granola Bar