Here’s a secret for you: the key to healthy eating isn’t actually cooking – it’s meal prepping. Once you’ve got your ingredients prepped and ready to go, it’s a breeze to whip up a one-pot meal, throw something in the slow cooker or Instant Pot, or assemble a recipe-free dinner bowl. One of the most important skills you can master is how to meal prep, you’ll be amazed at how much easier, faster, and more enjoyable it makes mealtimes for the whole family.

With these 5 essential meal prepping tips, you can become a meal prep pro in no time!

1. Make a menu for the week.

It’s hard to begin meal prepping in advance if you don’t know what you’re going to eat! Create a 5-day menu plan that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks or beverages (like elixirs, teas or kombucha) if applicable. If you’re cooking for a family, get everyone involved in the process by having them suggest meal ideas. We like looking to healthy cookbooks, food blogs, magazines, as well as social media for inspiration.

Meal plans take some work and forethought, but once you have them in place you can re-use them over and over. Start off by creating four menu plans and rotate through them; then add more plans to the mix as you go. Or let someone else do the work for you book a no-obligation nutrition consult HERE

2. Gather the right tools and equipment.

You don’t need a ton of fancy gadgets to become an expert at meal prepping, but there are some inexpensive essential cooking tools that are going to make the process much easier. What you use in your kitchen will depend on what you find helpful, though these are the basic things we recommend.

Prepping/Cooking Tools

  1. Chopping board

  2. A good knife

  3. A large soup/stockpot

  4. Measuring cups and spoons

  5. Spatula or stirring spoon

  6. Saute pan or frying pan

  7. Veggie steamer

  8. Box grater

  9. Veggie peeler

  10. A baking sheet or roasting tray

Storage Tools

  1. Mason jars, stainless steel containers or glass containers

  2. Wide mouth funnel (for getting things into your jars with less mess!)

  3. Beeswax wraps

  4. Mesh produce bags

  5. Salad spinner

  6. Parchment paper

The ‘Nice-to-Haves’

Here are some things that aren’t absolutely essential, but are handy to help you meal prep quickly and easily, and allow you to make a wide range of recipes.

  1. High-speed blender (this can double as a juicer)

  2. Food processor

  3. Muffin tin

  4. Loaf pan

  5. Rolling pin

  6. Spice grinder

3. Choose a finite amount of ingredients each week.