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Liz Wilson - March 2020

#memberofthemonth Liz Wilson and her incredible 110lb transformation! You are an absolute rockstar Liz, we are so proud of you!

“I’d always been heavy, but after the birth of my son in 2012 I was 270 lbs and miserable. I was uncomfortable and self-concious, and believed I wasn’t capable of, well, anything. I found fitness at a time that I needed it the most. It gave me an outlet, and over time, as I started to see results, it gave me the ability to see that I was, in actuality, capable of much, much more than I ever believed.

I started trying new things. Started saying yes to things I would previously have never dreamed of doing. It was at this time that OEV’s 6 week challenge came up on my feed. I knew I had to try it. I was ready for more.

The coaches made the environment fun and welcoming. They knew what I was capable of, even when I wasn’t. They pushed me to reach for more. They helped me understand that the exercises you hate the most, are the ones you need to put your max effort into. That’s where you really start to see results.

I made myself a WOD rule. If it is getting too hard, and you feel like you just can’t get through it - Drop your weight, or slow your pace – but you are not. Allowed. To stop. I use this rule everytime I hit a WOD that’s making me want to puke. Using this WOD rule has helped me drop to 160lbs, and 17% body fat.

Since joining OEV in April 2018, I’ve changed not only my physical self, but inner self as well. I’m more confident and outgoing in all aspects and it’s changing my entire life trajectory. I take on challenges head first, and now know that whatever it is, I AM capable of achieving it, it’s only a matter of time.

You get out of life what you put into it, and it’s the same for the gym. If you only give 40% on your work out because the WOD isn’t your fave, you’re only going to get 40% out of it. I can do more things now than I could ever have imagined – I smash my PR’s on a regular basis and constantly surprise myself. It makes me laugh to get to the end of the WOD and realize that I was capable of completing it. Changing my mental outlook from “Can’t” to “Can” has been such a game changer!


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